Hospitality Software for Staff

Staff in hospitality businesses use Pilla to carry out digital checklists and stay on top of to-do lists.

No matter whether you work front of house, back of house or delivering products, you know there’s plenty of work to be done and staying on top of it all is a challenge.

There are compliance checks, operational activities and a whole host of tasks that crop up unexpected. Pilla’s digital checklists make it easy for you to plan and record all of it.

Carry out checklists

Easily and quickly plan your day using Pilla’s checklists and keep digital log of when each check has been completed. Focus less on paperwork and more on your customers.


  • Templates and recipes

    Build your own checklists from scratch to suit exactly what your needs. Or, make use of pre-built checklist recipes which outline exactly what should be recorded each day.

  • Record check information

    Add comments to each of your daily checks in real-time. All information which will be securely stored in our cloud-based server for future reference if needed.

  • Never forget a check

    Pilla will send an email to checklist creators when the whole checklist hasn’t been completed. This is ideal when a checklist is being share by a team to ensure nothing is missed.

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“Pilla is the core of our operation, we wouldn’t be without it.” Allison (GM of Ropes and Twines Coffee Shop)