6 Reasons To Get a Hospitality Mentor

Mentoring aims to connect an expert with lots of knowledge or experience with someone who has less of those. It works as a transfer of skills from a more senior professional to a less experienced employee so the latter can advance their career. While working in hospitality, having a mentor can help you grow within your company and shape your development plan. It is always comforting to get others’ insights before making an important decision or sharing your knowledge with someone who is stuck in a project, for instance.

Naturally, having your own mentor helps precise the areas where you may need development, shape your career plan, and feed your eagerness to learn!  Here at Otolo, we provide mentoring for passionate professionals working in hospitality, so you can find the support you need and gain new perspectives. By joining our platform, you tap into a world of knowledge and training that is 100% designed by and for hospitality experts, from a beginner to an advanced level of expertise. Let’s dive into the secrets of mentoring and why it is beneficial to anyone’s career.

“All of us are mentors and we all have a responsibility in the future of hospitality. As an industry, we pride ourselves on ‘work hard, play hard’. It is easier to find a culture you can relate to. Who you work for carries more weight. We are still creating a culture of learning: more rewarding, positive, leading with kindness for people to fall in love with the industry. Once you find that culture, you start creating a community around you.” – Paul Spencer (aka ‘Spence’), Director of Operations at Locke Hotels and edyn

Having a mentor is also a way to stay motivated and productive at work. So how can you benefit from having a mentor?

  1. Build your network

What better than starting conversations to create your industry bubble? Professional and mentoring platforms, virtual meetings, webinars, training sessions… there are ways to connect, and a mentor can have relevant contacts to share with you. Lots of things are done individually but connections usually help lead to unique opportunities.

“The key is to gravitate around people naturally. It should be natural, not forced. I met 3 or 4 mentors in my career, all teaching me naturally and representing my values. I don’t think we should put a label on it. And amid Covid, I started learning again, I’ve been taught some lessons, I met new members.” – Craig Prentice, Founder of Talent Partner mum 

  1. Learn, learn, learn

Coming from diverse backgrounds can challenge interesting visions and open any discussion, and mentoring can help you skyrocket your own learning curve – it is a fantastic opportunity to gain new knowledge grounds!

  1. Give back to the industry you chose

The feeling of contributing to a great cause and doing good to your peers is rewarding enough to keep up the good habit of mentoring. When you get the right guidance early in your career, you succeed faster. It is a snowball effect – by getting a mentor, you inspire the next like-minded professional to do the same, and so on.

  1. Become culture-proof

Not only will having a motor support your personal development plan, but it also helps absorb the culture codes of your company faster – vision, training, diversity, people. Your mentor, whether he or she is in or out of your workplace, has gone through the same challenges and will support your integration so you adapt to your workplace policies faster than those who are not yet mentees.

  1. Gain new skills

At this point, you have junior experience, and it is okay to not know everything. There is so much to learn in Hospitality! No matter the choices that encouraged you to join this vibrant sector, always full of opportunities, you are not alone in seeking specific skills to excel in your role.  Step by step, the mentor can help you develop your full potential or entrepreneurial mindset in the workplace, or even give you guidance in starting your own business.

  1. Stay motivated, always

If you are struggling in your job or in reaching a goal, don’t worry. It happens to everyone. You can refer to your mentor and ask what the best approach is to solve any issues you might encounter at work. Your mentor is here to support you, so don’t be afraid to schedule sessions! He or she will encourage you to face challenges and feel confident about your work, so you are less likely to give up, and keep ticking things off your to-do list.

“To find your mentor, your employer needs to tell you really clearly what you need to achieve your objectives. No business objective moves with a clear vision. I would advise you to take action instead of speaking, recognize that your journey is your own, create your own path, remember that rapport with everything and if you see someone you don’t share values with, don’t force it.” – Lorraine Copes MCIPS, Founder of Be Inclusive Hospitality

Article written by Audrey Langevin from Otolo who said:
“At Otolo, we regularly schedule mentors’ and mentees’ events to discuss career paths, insights, or hospitality news. How to polish your CV and get hired in hospitality, tips to master leadership or the best bits of travel tech – we regularly host Lobby Talks, guest lectures, interviews… plenty to fill your cup for curiosity!”

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