Maray manage more sites

Maray are a growing independent brand with four sites across Liverpool and Manchester. Maray use Pilla to ensure that site maintenance is well managed.

The challenge

When a brand is growing  from one to two, three or four sites (in Maray’s case) it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that all of the correct site maintenance is completed on time and well organised.

Maray operate four restaurants, each substantial in size and housing a fairly complex set of fixtures, fitting and equipment. As the business has grown, the list of monthly, quarterly and annual activities had become extremely difficult to manage.

Everything from coffee machine services to fire alarm inspections, was becoming a serious challenge to manage. The growing business was so busy, that GMs faced an uphill battle ensuring that everything was carried out in time for renewal dates and the correct documentation was being stored safely.


“Been working with Pilla for a while now and can’t recommend them enough. A credit to the independent business scene!”
Antony (Ops Manager)

The solution

Maray use Pilla to manage many aspects of their business, including day-to-day checks however they make particular use of Pilla to manage maintenance.

Maray made an exercise to move all of their maintenance documentation, from their cloud storage over to storage within Pilla.

By selecting an owner for each document/activity and inputting a renewal date, Maray have total confidence that nothing will be missed because Pilla will send automatic email reminders 30 days before any maintenance activity is due for renewal.

This ‘set and forget’ feature is so valuable for a growing business like Maray, because it means that they can focus less on admin and more on the opportunities that are coming their way.

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