gas safety checks

In the hospitality industry venues will have gas boilers for heating and use a host of various mains gas equipment as part of their service delivery. It is imperative that these pieces of equipment remain safe and in working order. Given the number of reported gas related incidents in the UK, there is no surprise that there are legal duties placed on building and business owners to ensure the safe installation and maintenance of mains gas equipment. 

As part of your health and safety management system, you should clearly outline your business will manage the risk of gas. If you use the health and safety management system which is included in the Pilla Document Platform then you will have the documentation you need. You will have identified who is responsible for gas safety within the workplace and you will also have a clear arrangement for how this will be done day to day. If you don’t use the Pilla Document Platform, then you should have another way of documenting this.

What is a Gas Safety Safety Certificate?

One of these duties is to ensure that an up-to-date certificate is in place for all mains gas equipment, which shows a gas safety check has been completed on all gas appliances. commercial gas safety certificate can also be known as a gas safety record form, it is document issued by a Gas Safe engineer which confirms that gas appliances have been tested for safety in line with strict gas safety standards.

It is a legal requirement for employers to have their mains gas appliances inspected every 12 months to ensure they are working efficiently and remain in a safe condition. This means employers must be able to show their annual gas safety check certificate, for inspection purposes to show that they are complying with their gas safety responsibilities. Gas safety certificates can only be issued by Gas Safe engineers. The process of a gas safety test is the engineer will attend your venue and complete a number of tests on each gas appliance, before issuing the certificate. The test includes a visuals inspection, a measure of the pressure and functionality, as well as operational tests. The tests will also take consider extractions systems is they have been installed to extract gases during the combustion process, to ensure the extraction method is adequate.

The gas safety certificate will contain the results of the tests and the description of all the appliances checked by the Gas Safe engineer, as well of their location within the premises. The name of the engineer who conducted the assessment and their registration number will also be documented on the certificate, in the event there is a problem following the engineers visit. If the engineer identifies a defect with your gas appliance, the gas safety certificate will document the actions needed to fix the issue. In this case a new certificate will only be issued once remedial work has been completed. 

Who can issue a Gas Safety Safety Certificate?

The Gas Safe Register was introduced in April 2009. All gas businesses are legally to be on the register. All engineers who undertake gas safety inspections of gas appliances for their clients must be registered on the Gas Safe Register and their own individual registration number. Only registered Gas Safe Engineers have the competence to complete gas safety checks and issue a gas safety certificate.