Looking after your team and your guests’ safety is a minimum requirement in your business.

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A hospitality venue can be a dangerous place and there are hazards just around each corner. With so much else to manage, it can be tricky understanding the best way to manage the safety of your guests and staff.

Users of the Pilla Document Platform have access to a whole host of health and safety templates which make up a full health and safety system. On this page we’ll talk about why those documents are important and some other considerations when managing your health and safety.


Lone Working

If employees work alone or without direct supervision then they are lone working and their protection needs considering.

Gas Safety

If your venue uses gas anywhere, then it’s important that you maintain and record the appliances in the correct way.


Managing the risk of legionella in your water supply is important to keep staff and customers free of ilness.

Work Equipment

In order to manage safe use and maintain equipment it is advisable to develop a work equipment policy and communicate it to your staff

Pest Control

Pests in any work setting can be disruptive but in the hospitality industry the consequences of a pest infestation can be a huge problem.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is, to put it quite simply, looking at hazards present in the workplace and working out what risks are likely to occur.

Accident reporting

Accidents and incidents can happen anywhere at any time and it’s important to have a procedure in to deal with them.

COSHH Regulations

There are many chemical substances used in a hospitality venue so it’s important to understand what’s involved.