Pilla for General Managers

General Managers of hospitality businesses use Pilla to manage their teams and squeeze every minute out of their own day.

If you’re a General Manager, then you need to be two things – organised and time efficient! You appreciate that every minute counts so you need all of the right information available at the right time. You also need a simple way for your teams to get through their tasks independently.

Scroll down to see how Pilla will help with this and more.

Get organised

Save hours and hours by storing your info and documents in a tidy and secure place. Pilla will store information about your team and your venue and email it for you.


  • Store team information

    Pilla will store all the key information about your team including personal information, training records, ID documents and more. You can even build a database of disco shifters!

  • Manage venue maintenance

    Upload all of your maintenance documents after an inspection or service for safekeeping – add a renewal date and Pilla will even notify you when it’s coming up.

  • Email documents from the app

    Email documents to your colleagues straight away from inside the app. Say goodbye to your cluttered desktop and hello to a streamlined new work solution.

Delegate to your team

Getting the most out of your team is crucial for your role. Pilla includes tools which help you organise your own tasks and those for your amazing team.


  • Set tasks for colleagues

    Assign tasks to colleagues within the app. Pilla will notify the person by email and add the task to their to-do list. Once the task is finished, they will mark it done.

  • Set reminders for yourself

    If there’s a job to be done in the future, anybody can set reminders for themselves (about anything!). Pilla will send an email reminder when the task is due.

  • Automated emails on everything

    Pilla sends automated email updates to your team about everything with a renewal date. No matter if it’s a training record or a fire alarm inspection – it will be prompted.

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“Pilla is the core of our operation, we wouldn’t be without it.” Allison (GM of Ropes and Twines Coffee Shop)

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