Food safety in hospitality is a core risk which needs managing in the correct way every day, so building a robust HACCP plan is key.

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With so many different ingredients available and ways to produce food and drink, it can seem a minefield managing food safety well . Your menu is one of the things which will set you apart from your competition so it’s important to be bold and experimental but it’s also important to make sure your practices are sound.

Users of the Pilla Document Platform have access to a whole host of food safety templates which make up a food safety management system. On this page we’ll talk about why those documents are important and some other considerations when managing food safety.

Pest Control

Pests in any work setting can be disruptive but in the hospitality industry the consequences of a pest infestation can be a huge problem.

Food Allergens

Learn about the 14 major food allergens and how to manage them in your business.