Food Hygiene Courses

If you operate a food and drink business, you have a duty to protect your customers against food related illness.

You must provide adequate training to your employees so that they understand best practices for handling, storing, cooking, chilling, serving or delivering food.

Depending on each person’s role, your employees will require either Food Safety L2 or Food Safety L3.

Course Locations



Food Hygiene Course Level 2

The 1-day Food Safety Level 2 course is for employees who are involved in the handling or preparation of food/drink. This includes everybody from sous chefs to waiters.

Learners will gain an understanding on the importance of safe food handling practices and how to keep foods safe. Themes covered on the course will include: food safety laws, types of contamination and the risks present, bacteriology, personal hygiene and best practices for handling food safely.

Food Hygiene Course Level 3

This course is a 3-day course aimed at supervisors and managers in food/drink businesses. Depending on your business this could be owner, exec chef or head chef.

Learners will gain an understanding of the important topics required to lead a food and drink operation such as food hygiene best practices, safety management procedures, the role of the supervisor in the catering environment, monitoring and recording and HACCP plans.