First Aid Courses

If you employ staff and welcome customers, you have a duty to protect them against illness and injury through access to first aid.

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 say employers must make sure there are ‘adequate and appropriate’ first aid equipment, facilities, and number of qualified first aiders in the workplace.


Course locations



Basic first aid training – Emergency first aid course

The 1-day Emergency First Aid Course is ideal for most workplaces including offices, hospitality and retail.. It covers the topics which will allow a qualified person to administer first for the most common types of injury and illness.

This course is 7 hours long, carried out over 1 day. Click her to read more about the 1-day Emergency First Aid Course  including the course topics covered.

This course is available to book using the links above. Choose your location from the choices above to see which course dates are coming up.


Advanced first aid training – First aid at work course

The 3-day First Aid At Work course includes the topics covered in the 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work Course plus extra topics which relate to more severe injuries and illness.

This means that the 3-day course is more appropriate for workplaces with a higher risk of serious injury such as manufacturing and construction.

We can deliver this course, but because it is required by less people, we do not offer open courses. If you wish to book this course for a group, click here to get in touch and discuss the details.

How long does a first aid certificate last?

First Aid qualifications last three years. Our certificates are accredited and issued by our chosen awarding body – Qualsafe Awards.

To renew your 1-day Emergency First Aid course, you need simply re-attend the same course as your three year certification period is coming to and end.

Some training companies offer a ‘first aid refresher’ which can be quite confusing. This first aid refresher is an optional course to refresh your knowledge during your three year qualification period. It is not mandatory to take this course and it will not extend your three year qualification period.

How many first aiders do I need

When thinking about how many first aiders you need in your workplace, you should take into consideration events such as work rotas, staff illnesses and bank holidays.

If your intention is to always have one trained first aider on site, then you will likely need to train between two or more people to cover for these events.