Where to Find Restaurant Employees

Recruitment is one of the more difficult aspects of running a restaurant. Long hours, split shifts and gruelling work all contribute to a high turnover of staff. In fact, the Hospitality industry has the highest turnover rate, a whopping 79% (pre-covid), vs the average of 45.1%.

Finding decent staff can be difficult, as well as keeping them. Below, we have set out the best places to find quality restaurant employees, as well as a few tips on how to keep them on your payroll for a long time.


Can I poach from another restaurant?

You may be thinking that the best place to find good staff will be from the surrounding restaurants in the area. Approaching them and offering them a job isn’t illegal but is definitely frowned upon by people in the industry.

Imagine if those restaurants decided to try and poach all of your staff in return. What if they succeeded?

It is respectful to not try and poach, and that respect should be mutual, meaning your employees should be safer from poaching. If they are looking for a change of scenery, then making the most of advertising a job is the best way to attract them.


Should I hire inexperienced staff?

Considering finding good hospitality staff can be a difficult task, it may be worth looking at fresh faces to the industry. School leavers or students can be a valuable pool of untapped talent for the right employer.

If you hire experienced staff, then they will be more useful to you from day one. However, they will usually require a higher salary and may be stuck in their ways when it comes to certain areas.

Newcomers to the restaurant world will be inexperienced, but mouldable, with a hunger to learn. With some time investment, these can eventually become your most valuable team members, so it is always worth exploring this avenue if you are in a position to do so.


Places to find restaurant employees

 You may never need to advertise a job listing if you know where to look for the right staff.


Where to advertise a restaurant job

If you can’t fill your ranks with either of the previous methods, then you will need to advertise a job listing.


How to make employees want to work at your restaurant

Putting your job listing in front of prospective employees is one thing, making them want to join your team is another. Make sure that your business is an attractive place to work and your recruitment process is up to date. You will not only attract a quality team, but they will stay with you for longer. Click here to read tips about recruitment practices from a hospitality recruiter.



Always be open to new employees

The restaurant industry is full of open positions with staff looking for different roles to try, but not enough quality employees to fill them. If you aren’t taking on new staff then you could miss one of these, only for them to join the restaurant a few doors down. The chances are that you will also lose a team member during the next 6 months too.

If someone approaches you for a position, then always consider them for at least an interview, even if your team is full.



Employees are out there, and they can be yours for the taking. By combining the passive elements outlined above with the active job advertising techniques, then you are giving your restaurant the best chance of finding the best employees available in your area, or even further afield.


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