Extra bank holiday in 2022 – Staff entitlement

To commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, there are changes to the usual bank holidays in 2022. The second bank holiday in May which would have fallen on Monday 30th May 2022 is being moved to Thursday 2nd June 2022. There is also an additional bank holiday on Friday 3rd June 2022. So the question for your HR Manager is – are employees entitled to an extra day of holiday in 2022. 

In short, the answer depends on how employment contracts are worded.

– if the contract states that an employee’s holiday entitlement includes Bank Holidays and then lists the standard Bank Holidays that are recognised as part of the holiday entitlement, then there would be no need for the employer to give an extra day. This is also the case where entitlement includes the usual or standard Bank Holidays.

– if the contract states holiday entitlement includes bank holidays, without listing the Bank Holidays or referencing the usual/standard Bank Holidays, then the employee would be entitled to the extra day.

Some businesses may not recognise Bank Holidays as part of an employee’s holiday entitlement, therefore there would be no obligation to give an extra day off this year.

A final point to note is that usually there are 8 Bank Holidays in England & Wales, these being New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day, Spring Bank, Last Summer (August), Christmas Day and Boxing Day,  but in 2022, the May Spring Bank Holiday moves to Thursday 2nd June and an additional Bank Holiday on Friday 3rd June will be given. Therefore, employers should be aware that in addition to the extra Bank Holiday, there is also a re-jig of when the Spring Bank Holiday falls and this will need to be planned for.

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