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Use our document platform to quickly create accurate contracts and policies.

Your legal paperwork is the cornerstone of your business. Creating and updating the contractual side of your business can be a massive, expensive headache – after all, you’re a hospitality operator, not a lawyer! But get it wrong and you’re liable for big court fees or even jail time.

Our platform makes it easy for you create the key documents you need to have. No hidden fees, no time wasting and no errors. Just a simple way to ensure your business remains compliant.


Contracts and policies can be confusing. That’s why Pilla uses an intuitive auto-population feature to create accurate documents. Simply answer a few questions about your business and let Pilla do the rest.


Things change quickly in hospitality, right? Whether it’s staff turnover, change of suppliers or a new menu, Pilla offers unlimited edits and downloads to ensure your documents are always up to date.


How much time have you wasted printing documents, signing by hand, finding a scanner, posting documents? Now you can sign your documents inside the Pilla system. It’s simple to sign, check, download, and share.


It’s difficult to keep up to date with employment law, food safety practices, and general legislation. That’s why Pilla will notify you by email each time a change occurs. All you have to do is log in and download your updated document – easy!


Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

It’s a legal requirement for every business to have a health and safety management system which clearly outlines the measures you have in place to protect staff, visitors and any other people affected by your operation.

The Pilla Document Platform includes a full health and safety management system, split up into three easy-to-use parts:

  • A ‘Health and Safety Policy Statement’ which sets out your safety missions and aims.
  • A ‘Responsibility Chart’ outlining who is responsible for which health and safety subject or risk.
  • A 40-point ‘Safety Arrangements’ document detailing how each health and safety risk will specifically be managed.

HR Policies, Contracts and Letters

As soon as your business begins hiring people, you need to ensure that your paperwork is thorough enough to protect both your business and your new employees. The Pilla Document Platform includes all of the key documents you need to manage your people, including:

  • Employment contracts that set out the primary terms and conditions of employment for your team.
  • Policies that outline out your organisation’s notice requirements for sickness, holidays or bereavement leave.
  • A range of useful forms and workflows to help you organise activities such as employee inductions and probation reviews.

Food Safety Systems and Practices

If your business makes or serves any food or drink, you should be registered with your local authority. To ensure that you’re following all the rules, your business will receive a Food Hygiene Inspection every couple of years.

In order to meet Food Safety Legislation and achieve a 5* star food hygiene score on your door, you need a robust Food Safety Management System.

The Pilla Document Platform includes a full food safety management which includes management policy, cross-contamination, cleaning, chilling and cooking, making it easy for your team to follow at every stage.

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“Our 3 restaurants started using Pilla in the middle of 2019 and we couldn’t be happier with the service so far. It’s personal, attentive and thorough. Would highly recommend!”
James (MD)

“Been working with these guys for a while now and can’t recommend them enough. Very professional, helpful, thorough and supportive. A credit to the Liverpool independent business scene!”
Antony (Ops Manager)

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