Hospitality Software For Directors

Directors of hospitality businesses use Pilla to ensure they have a compliant business and their teams have the right tools to succeed.

As the Director of your hospitality business, the buck stops with you so you’ll want to make sure that your legal documents are up to date with current legislation. You’ll also want to empower your teams to work as independently as possible.

Scroll down to see how Pilla will help with this and more.

Stay Compliant

You’re busy enough ensuring that your business is profitable and sustainable. As a Director, you want to stay compliant in as few clicks as possible.


  • Create compliant documents in minutes

    Using the document builder section, you can create human resource policies, safety policies and employment contracts bespoke to your business in a matter of minutes.

  • Nominate license holders and emergency staff

    Select which members of your team are trained and certified to act as your personal license holders. You can also nominate fire wardens and first aiders at each location.

  • Stay up to date with legislation changes

    Pilla will notify you by email to any health and safety, human resources or food safety law changes. The email describes the changes and tells you what you need to do.

HR Policies

Employment Contracts

Food Safety Systems

H&S Policies

Empower Your Team

You’ve assembled a great team, now it’s time to give them the tools they need. Pilla makes it easy for them to collaborate and thrive.


  • Set tasks for colleagues

    Managers and Supervisors can assign tasks to colleagues within the app. Pilla will notify the person by email and add the task to their to-do list.

  • Set reminders for anything

    If there’s a job to be done in the future, your team can set reminders for themselves (about anything!). Pilla will send an email reminder when the task is due.

  • Automated emails on everything

    Pilla sends automated email updates to your team about everything with a renewal date. No matter if it’s a training record or a fire alarm inspection – it will be prompted.

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“When we started our coffee shop, we didn’t know what compliance documents we needed. Pilla made it really simple for us to create our HR, H&S and Food Safety documents. We were up and running with the correct policies and contracts in minutes.”
Michelle (Owner of Papercup Coffee)