Manage compliance and operations

Use a Management Diary to organise your team and ensure tasks get done, even when you’re not there.

Our management diary is for you if you’re in any of the below situations.

You’re not sure what food safety checks, fire safety checks and other compliance checks need to be recorded OR you do know but you don’t have a consistent way of doing it.

You’re starting to find it difficult to manage your operations and you don’t have confidence everything is getting is done in the right way at the right time.

You have developed a way of doing things already but it is taking you far too long to implement it and you need a more streamlined version.


Regardless of the system you use, ensuring staff engagement is key. That’s why we’ve designed the Diary to be accessible and easy for your whole team. There no barriers, obstacles or hurdles to using a Pilla Diary which means engagement is really high.


Made a new hire or changed a process? No problem, you can quickly and easily update the relevant sections of your Diary inside the Pilla Document Platform. Use the simple workflows provided and the info will be auto-populated into your next diary.


At some point you might be looking to expand into that second or third venue – hoorah – and at that point, you’re going to need to standardise your systems across all venues. The Diary is the best way to do that, ensuring all the necessary tasks are done, always.


You should be keeping your compliance records for at least a year. If you’ve currently got separate accident books, fire safety logbooks, training records and food safety checks, why not bring all of that together into one Diary making storage much easier.

About the management diary

A custom-built ‘bible’ covering all of your compliance and key operational tasks. The Pilla Management Diary makes it simple to run your business in accordance with EHO guidelines and ensures that every member of your team knows exactly what needs to be done.

  • A single system

    Pilla brings all of your other diaries, checklists and logbooks into one place. There’s no need for a separate visitor book, fire safety logbook, accident book or training records – there’s a place for all of it in your Management Diary.

  • Built by us

    You haven’t got time to create systems, so we do it for you. Your Diary is custom built to match the exact requirements of your venue. That means your processes and your ways of working, all built by us.

  • Easily updated by you

    Your business changes from time to time so you need a quick, simple way of updating your system. Using the QR code inside your Diary, your management team will edit the contents of your custom sections at the click of a button – simple.

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why use a diary

Evidence good food safety practices to the EHO

When an EHO officer carries out a food hygiene inspection at your venue they are looking for evidence that the management team know what they’re doing. The Pilla Management Diary is the simplest and clearest way to provide this evidence.

Your Diary will include all of the monitoring sheets you’re required to complete such as cooking, cooling and food storage temperatures and more. What’s more, your Diary will also include your other compliance responsibilities which the HSE and the Fire Service require you to carry out.

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Easily and effectively onboard new members of staff

According to a recent study by YouGov, the staff turnover rate for the hospitality industry is 30%. That means nearly 1 in 3 of your workers won’t be in the business next year and you will have to replace them.

Using the Pilla Management Diary, you will create a blueprint for the perfect day, week and month in your venue. It’s so simple to use that you can introduce new or temporary members of staff to your way of working within minutes.


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Engage your team and encourage innovation

The most effective way to introduce change and new ideas in your business is to include your team in decisions. After all, people buy in to their own ideas best and who knows the role better than the person doing the job?

The Pilla Management Diary is simple to update and can be customised completely for each of your venues. Involve your GMs, AGMs and Head Chefs in this process to come up with new ideas and increase ownership.

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Case Study

Carlisi Italian

“The Pilla Management Diary has completely changed the way we manage operational tasks – and it’s so easy to use! Everything we need is in one place, it’s quick and simple to update and the checklists are great for ensuring every task has been completed. We wouldn’t be without it!”
Allessio (Owner)


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