How Leaf manage staff and train managers

Leaf have used Pilla to create a standard across their business. This blueprint is a key part in managing staff and promoting new Managers from within.

LEAF began as a small tea shop in a Liverpool City Centre gallery. Since those humble beginnings in 2007, the business has developed into one of the most recognisable brands for quality loose-leaf tea and events.

Operating three venues and employing over 100 staff, the team pride themselves on staff development and developing their workforce.


The challenge

The hospitality industry struggles with a much higher rate of staff turnover than other industries. Nearly 1 in 3 of all hospitality workers will leave their job within a year. This means that a business like Leaf is always hiring new employees who need training on how things are done in the business and current staff are often moving around from venue to venue in order to cover rotas.

This uncertainty and constant change means that many key compliance and operational tasks are at threat of not being done because team members are unfamiliar with the requirements of the job.

Leaf battle this challenge by spending extra resources on their workforce, developing their staff and promoting from within. However in order to do that, Leaf must operate a simple but thorough operational system which is inclusive to all members of staff, easy to train and engaging for current and future managers.



“LEAF rewards progression, and it’s something we invest in. A lot of our Managers are home-grown, all our GMs have moved through the ranks and a lot of our AGMs and Supervisors too. Compliance and operations can be quite daunting when taking on a new role so it’s great to onboard them with everything they need to know” Alison

The solution

Leaf started using Pro Management Diaries which means that they use to two diaries – one for the front of house team and another for the kitchen team.

Because Leaf can edit their diaries themselves in minutes on their phone, they are fully customisable, so the leadership team were able to create a operational blueprint for the business. This ‘perfect day’ blueprint, was rolled out across all three venues which means that staff could be trained to use a single system and would now be familiar with what needed to be done even if they moved between venues temporarily.

In line with Leafs values to develop staff, they made sure to engage current and potential managers in the creative process. This encouraged new ideas and boosted engagement across the board.


What’s next?

The team at Leaf are going from strength to strength. Having already established a strong brand in the Liverpool area, the team is ready to explore new opportunities.

Use of the Pilla means that the leadership have much more confidence in the workforce – confidence that the right operational tasks are being completed at the right time in the right way.

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