Client Case Studies

Carlisi Italian

“The Pilla Management Diary has completely changed the way we manage operational tasks – and it’s so easy to use! Everything we need is in one place, it’s quick and simple to update and the checklists are great for ensuring every task has been completed. We wouldn’t be without it!”
Alessio (MD)

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“Pilla is a great tool for our business because it standardised our operation across our three sites. It means that when staff move from one site to another, they understand what needs to be done each day. All staff find it really easy to use and it saves our Management Team a lot of time.”
Ali (Ops Manager)

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“Our 3 restaurants started using Pilla in the middle of 2019 and we couldn’t be happier with the service so far. It’s personal, attentive and thorough. Would highly recommend!”
James (MD)

“Been working with these guys for a while now and can’t recommend them enough. Very professional, helpful, thorough and supportive. A credit to the Liverpool independent business scene!”
Antony (Ops Manager)


“We already had a compliance and operations solution in place, but using Pilla has made the whole package so much easier. it brings everything into one easy to manage place”
Jon (Founder)

Ropes & Twines

“We’ve been working Pilla for over two years now, we use it as an open chat for everybody who works here. We note problems, notices, compliance monitoring – it’s our core of operations”
Allison (General Manager)