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8 Restaurant Management Tips To Improve The Way You Work

Managing a restaurant can feel like a never ending challenge of your personality, character and skills but it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs possible. Regardless of whether you are a General Manager or Owner leading your restaurant team, restaurant management involves making sure that all areas of the restaurant operations are working together […]

Menu Costing Explained: Run a Profitable Hospitality Business

Running a hospitality business is one thing, running a successful one is another. Profit margins are tight for this industry and are unfortunately reducing more and more thanks to rising inflation and energy costs. The average profit margin for a restaurant is between 2-6%, and will vary depending on the location and type of business. Food will be […]

Restaurant Review Sites: Which Ones Are Worth It?

It goes without saying that almost all of us use the internet to check if a restaurant we’re thinking about visiting is actually worth eating in. We’ll pick up a smartphone and check out the reviews of a restaurant in a search engine, or we might look for cafes in the area, particularly if we’re […]

10 Steps To Building A Winning Restaurant Business Plan

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, ‘always write a restaurant business plan”. Well actually, he said “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” but he meant the same thing. So, if you have a goal, a vision, or a dream to start your own hospitality business, begin by writing a killer business plan for […]

6 Restaurant Awards To Showcase Your Skills

Almost every industry has their own marks of quality.  Often these marks are awards, with the winners judged on various standards by experts. The restaurant industry is no different and the UK has a variety of different bodies which give out kudos to those providing great dishes, dining experiences and service.  If you’ve been streamlining your […]

Guest Experience: Why is it important?

A restaurant’s brand is no longer just the food and the rock star chef. Today’s guests expect to create memories every time they eat out, and restaurants must provide every visitor with a personalised experience that keeps them coming back. The world’s best restaurants are adopting new technology that gives them actionable insights about their guests […]

6 Reasons To Get a Hospitality Mentor

While working in hospitality, having a mentor can help you grow within your company and shape your development plan.