How Carlisi saved 10 hour a week

Using Pilla to streamline their compliance and operations, the Carlisi brothers now have more time and energy to focus on providing an incredible customer experience.

The challenge

Since opening in 2018 Carlisi has established itself as one of the most authentic and popular Italian bars in the city.

But after two years of trade, the Carlisi brothers recognised that they required some help with their back-office processes. Daily and weekly compliance tasks such as food safety checks and fire alarm checks were all being carried out, but were taking far too long, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to record the results. Alessio and his team were printing multiple sheets of paper and storing them in several files and folders, it was becoming a real headache to manage and Alessio found himself spending too much time and too much money printing, filing and organising stock, bookings and rotas.

Each minute the team were spending on managing this bulky system was a minute which they could have spent with their customers. Compromising on the level of detail already involved in the system wasn’t an option as they recognised the importance of each part. So Carlisi needed a simpler way of doing things, which in turn would ensure that they had more time to focus on their guests.


“Our office is in the basement and that’s where we kept our files. Whenever we needed to make a check, we would have to leave the restaurant floor to get the documents, which meant leaving our customers. Everything was in a different place and it was hard to manage” Alessio Carlisi

The solution

Carlisi started using the Pilla to create more concise contracts and policies and store them all securely online. Now, if they need to edit a food safety management system or create a new employment contract, they have instant access to the most up to date document and can make adjustments in minutes, not hours. They no longer need to worry about whether the most up-to-date template is being used or research any technical jargon as it’s all provided in a simple way. Although Alessio may only need to access this platform once or twice or a month, this saved him approximately 1-2 hours per week.

Implementation of Pilla’s day-to-day checklists has also brought a huge benefit to Carlisi. By bringing together all their compliance and operations information into one simple place, the brothers have regained control of their operation and now have total confidence that their team are carrying out every task that needs to be done. This has freed up approximately 10 hours per week of Alessio and Federico’s time which would previously have been spent organising these activities and record keeping.

Pilla has completely changed the way we manage operational tasks – and it’s so easy to use! Everything we need is in now in one place, it’s quick and simple to update and the checklists are great for ensuring every task has been completed.We just wouldn’t be without it now!” Federico Carlisi

“It’s my family name above the door, so it has to be right. Great hospitality is at the heart of our business and Pilla is a great way for us to ensure that nothing is missed, whilst giving us the time we need to look after our customers and our people.” Alessio Carlisi

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