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Spiking Attacks in Hospitality Venues

Venues across the country are being advised to be extra vigilant due to an alarming rise in spiking incidents.

Hospitality Tips Law Means Staff Keep Money

Under a new law, it will be illegal for employers to withhold tips and service charges from workers in hospitality, leisure, and service sectors.

Hospitality Staffing Crisis

There’s a big staffing problem in hospitality right now. Everybody is finding it hard to recruit, so what’s going on?

How to use a hospitality briefing sheet

Good communication in hospitality teams is critical for success. Using a hospitality briefing sheet is a great tool to use.

What Does A Fire Warden Do?

Ever wondered ‘What Does a Fire Do?’ or whats jobs your Fire Wardens should be given? Well let’s take a look.

Natasha’s Law

What is Natasha’s Law and what does it mean for your hospitality business?

Are dogs allowed in restaurants?

If you’re wondering why dogs are allowed in restaurants or why you’re seeing so many dogs in cafes, let’s take a look.

Is track and trace compulsory?

If you’re wondering if track and trace is still compulsory, read our guide on the current track and trace requirements for hospitality