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AHWAI #69 Bongo’s Bingo | Reinventing Bingo

Listen to Episode 69 of our podcast, An Hour With An An Indie featuring, Jonny (Lacey) Bongo, the ‘Founding Father’ of Bongo’s Bingo. Together with his Co-Founder, Josh Burke, they have reimagined a ‘bingo night’ and created a whole new type of night out. Bongo’s Bingo now delivers 30-40 events a week, all over the UK […]

6 Restaurant Awards To Showcase Your Skills

Almost every industry has their own marks of quality.  Often these marks are awards, with the winners judged on various standards by experts. The restaurant industry is no different and the UK has a variety of different bodies which give out kudos to those providing great dishes, dining experiences and service.  If you’ve been been streamlining […]

6 Halloween Ideas for your Bar or Pub

With summer pretty much over, most bars tend to go back to relying on sporting events and their usual live music acts, or drink deals to get punters through the doors on the lead up to Christmas.  With one main exception: Halloween – here’s some ideas to make the most of halloween in your pub. […]

Where to Find Restaurant Employees

Recruitment is one of the more difficult aspects of running a restaurant. Long hours, split shifts and gruelling work all contribute to a high turnover of staff. In fact, the Hospitality industry has the highest turnover rate, a whopping 79% (pre-covid), vs the average of 45.1%. Finding decent staff can be difficult, as well as […]

What does The Queen’s sad death mean for your business

Mourning is a personal experience and individuals, families, communities and organisations will want to mark Her Majesty’s passing in their own way. But as we enter into an official period of National Mourning, what does this mean for you as a business? What do I have to do? There is no expectation on the public or organisations to […]

Choosing Food Suppliers to Restaurants

Finding the right food supplier can feel like a circus performance. Trying to balance cost, quality and consistency, can feel like a daunting task, here’s how to choose a food supplier for your restaurant.

Types of Hospitality Job Roles – What’s Available?

Whether you were in Rochester, or Rome, for the better part of 2020 and a good portion of 2021, the hospitality industry ground to a halt.  The global pandemic forced governments to employ preventative measures, causing businesses to remain closed until vaccines could be developed and deployed.  The financial difficulty caused forced a significant number […]

14 Major Allergens

What are Food Allergens? The Food Information Regulation says food businesses must provide information about the allergic ingredients used in food they sell/provide. An allergen is any normally harmless substance that causes an immediate allergic reaction in a susceptible person. This means that restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops, in fact every type of food or […]