Bean Coffee ensure quality

Bean Coffee use Pilla to ensure quality and compliance across their portfolio of over 30 sites.

As any indie knows, operating more sites is difficult and quality becomes a key metric to manage.

The challenge

Bean Coffee have a fantastic business model which sees them operate over 30 coffee small outlets in office blocks and other commercial properties. Built on a decade of beautiful self-roasting coffee and fantastic in-store service, Bean have become a staple brand within the North West.

The business model means that Bean can expand quickly into new areas and react at short notice to take new site opportunities. However it also means that each site often has just one member of staff working at any one time.

As customer service is Bean’s number one priority, the business needed a simple solution which would enable each of these solo workers to carry out necessary tasks and have quick access to important company documents.

Without this, it’s possible that employees could miss important day-to-day tasks, simply because they were taking too long to do.

“We already had a compliance and operations solution in place, but using Pilla has made the whole package so much easier. it brings everything into one easy to manage place”
Jon (Founder)

The solution

Bean started using Pilla for their day-to-day operations at all of their sites. Because Pilla is fully customisable, Bean were able to create the checklists and day-to-day tasks that each of their staff members need to complete – and more importantly, Pilla made it possible for those staff to complete those tasks in a matter of seconds not minutes.

Bean already had a thorough system in place, but it was less accessible to each member of staff at all times. Staff are now confident that they can complete all the tasks required of them in the time given.

It’s also been an important implementation for management, who now have one just one system to deal with throughout the business – meaning that it’s quicker and more reliable to monitor how tasks are being completed in all locations.

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