Pilla Affiliates

Our software helps independent hospitality to start, run and grow their business.

Earn a passive income by referring Pilla to the hospitality industry. You will be rewarded with a 20% recurring commission for the lifetime of all new subscriptions.

We celebrate the risk-takers, we support the doers and showcase the fantastic entrepreneurs who create our favourite pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs and hotels.

Our software helps these businesses manage more of their business than any other app on the market. This is a crucial advantage to our target market, who are time poor and resource light.

If you’re looking to earn more money by promoting by a unique SaaS product to an exciting customer base, look no further.

How it works

Join Free

You sign up for the affiliate programme completely free of charge. Unlike some programmes, there’s no joining fee or ongoing management fee for the programme so all of your earnings are your own.

Share Content

All you have to do as a Pilla Affiliate is direct potential customers to the Pilla website using your unique link. Your link can be added to any Pilla urls, so you can share any of our content, such as blogs and podcasts

Visitors Tracked

All new visitors to the Pilla website which arrive through your link, will be attributed to you. They will be automatically tracked via cookies in their browser for 3 months as your affiliate contact.

Sale and Commission

When one those new visitors buys a Pilla subscription within the 3 months, the sale will be automatically associated to you and our system will reward you with 20% of the subscription value.

How much can you earn

Most Pilla customers pay £540 per site per year. You would receive 20% of that, so you would earn £108 per site, every year.

It’s easy to see how quickly that can add up!

Roughly 40% of Pilla customers pay for the subscription monthly. This means that we receive the years subscription split up monthly rather than one lump sum.

In this case, you would also be paid monthly so instead of one payment every year you would receive one payment every month.

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