We are obsessed with helping our friends in independent hospitality to run a smarter, simpler business.

Our team consists of hospitality experts who know the industry inside out, working alongside technical experts who understand compliance like the back of their hands. Whilst we have a range of backgrounds and skills, we all have one thing in common – we are laser focussed on helping your indie business succeed.

We Love Indies

We love independent business. We support and celebrate the dreamers, risk-takers and doers. And we want to see you beat the chains.

Independent business is the backbone of the UK economy and the foundation of our communities. A town with a strong independent presence promotes individuality, diversity, pride, and equal opportunities, highlighting what can be achieved by us all if we just work together.

Unfortunately, independent businesses are often too small for the supply chain to care about. They don’t have prestigious names like ‘Costa’ or ‘Wagamama’ and they don’t have hundreds of sites or economies of scale. But that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten.

We’ve built Pilla specifically to fit the needs of a smaller, independent operator. We know how important each and every business we support is to their neighbourhood and their community.

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We Know Hospitality

Hospitality is the third biggest employer in the UK, employing over 5 million people directly or indirectly. The industry directly contributes a whopping £72 billion towards the UK economy and a further generates £86 billion indirectly.

Unfortunately the industry doesn’t always get the support it requires and deserves. We recognised that there wasn’t enough industry specific solutions on the market which answered the problems faced by independent hospitality, so we built Pilla.

Everything you find on Pilla is built specifically for your industry. Every line of code on our platform and every page in our management diary has been carefully crafted to be just what you need.

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We are a strong team

Pilla is a creation of Foursquare Group. Foursquare Group, an independent business itself, was set up in Jan of 2019 with one simple aim – to make it as easy as possible for an independent hospitality business to thrive.

Pilla contributes to that mission in some specific ways. It allows you to quickly and effectively manage legals, compliance and operations. But there are many more obstacles for your business to overcome and many more challenges for Foursquare to solve.

Early in 2020, Foursquare launched ‘An Hour With An Indie’ – a platform for independent business leaders to share tips, stories and guidance with one another. Because after all, we’re better together.

Click here to listen to the latest episodes of the AHWAI podcast and follow along on social media for updates and insights from our special guests.

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