Our Manifesto and Pledge

We celebrate the risk-takers, we support the doers and showcase the fantastic entrepreneurs who create our favourite pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs and hotels.

The Pilla app empowers these heroes to carry out their dreams and deliver an awesome hospitality business.

Independent business is so important to the hospitality industry. It represents a substantial proportion of the businesses in the industry, employs millions of people and contributes a huge amount to GDP.

But, financials aside, independent hospitality is what provides us with our identity, both nationally and locally. It’s the small restaurants, coffee shops, bars, clubs, chip shops and other amazing businesses which set the culture of our cities, suburbs, seaside towns and rural villages. Without them, everywhere would be the same – and who wants that?


Independents and chains are fundamentally different. The challenges are different.

The challenge of a chain is to deploy capital as efficiently as possible to maximise growth and satisfy shareholders return of investment expectations.

Your challenge, as an indie, is to build a sustainable business which delivers a healthy and happy life for you, your family and that of your employees.

Yes, you may want to grow your business and have two, four, six or even a dozen sites, but you won’t prioritise growth at all costs.

Why Pilla Is Built For You

Reduced Cash

You don’t have the cash reserves available of a chain. You typically have a 1-3 months worth of cash available and your margins are smaller. You cannot afford to pay for several expensive apps so you’re looking for one app to reduce your costs.

Less Labour

Your team is smaller and many of your team members carry out several roles in order to keep your wage bill as low as possible. Your team doesn’t have time to swap between several apps so you need to manage operations with as few systems as possible.

Less Management

You don’t have a graduate scheme in place or a management trainee programme and your leadership team is small. You don’t have the time to train staff on different systems or to put monitoring procedures in place for different apps.

More focus

You do not need software features which are made for chains. You do not need features that prioritise growth at all costs, you need features that help you focus on what is critically important to your business with no distractions.

We Support and Showcase Indie Business

Supporting indie hospitality with relevant tech

Running a business in this industry is hugely rewarding but it is also a very challenging place to be and the failure rate is high. Every independent business that fails takes with it the dreams of a bold entrepreneur, the livelihoods of dozens of people and a slice of character owned by the community which it served.

As a small business owner, you wear most of the hats, you spin a dozen plates and manage a team of mixed abilities and backgrounds. You are time poor and resource light yet you still have to face the same operational challenges which your larger competitors are tackling with a bigger budget.

You need help which specifically addresses your other pain points, not that of a national corporate. But, you been let down and forgotten by tech. Instead software has built for chains to win ‘trophy’ clients and doesn’t address the section of the market which needs it most, you, the independent community.

Most software solutions on the market address just one or two challenges within your business, such as compliance or menu engineering, and focus on features which are not your priority, such as managing dozens of sites or thousands of people. This approach means you would have to use multiple tech solutions in play at the same time which is cumbersome, frustrating and expensive.

The Pilla app is built specifically for small hospitality operators. Indie businesses between 1 and 10 sites use Pilla to manage more aspects of their back of house operations.

We believe that you should have as few apps as possible to address your challenges. Fewer apps means you are able to save more time by implementing less systems and save more money by the reducing the amount of subscriptions required.

Our pledge to you, is to always build Pilla with you in mind. We pledge that every decision we make will be driven to help you start, run and grow your business more effectively.

Showcasing indie hospitality proudly

Remember those ‘trophy’ clients we talked about, well you’ll see logos for those on the websites of every other hospitality software company. Logos like Pret, Starbucks, Pizza Express and any other generic chain.

You won’t see a logo like that on our website. Our trophy clients are independent hospitality businesses like yours. We are proud to support and showcase your local coffee shop, bakery or pub.

We feel we have a duty to not only support businesses like yours with your challenges, but also to promote and celebrate your business. We champion small businesses by telling the stories of entrepreneurs like you. Real people who have taken the brave step to quit their job and follow their dream.

Take a look through some of the amazing stories we’ve told so far on our podcast, An Hour With An Indie. Every week, our Founder Liam, sits down with an inspiring leader of indie business to talk through their journey, challenges and successes. This is a great resource for anyone who has started a business of their own in this sector or is thinking about starting a business soon.

Our pledge to you, is to stay committed to your cause – we promise that we will always continue to celebrate and fight for you, wherever we can, however we can.