Simplify your compliance and operations

Create your own documents

No need for expensive consultants or solicitors.

Use your Document Platform to create personalised versions of everything from employment and supplier contracts to food safety management systems.

Record all your compliance

Impress the EHO on their next visit.

Use your Management Diary to record all of your key compliance checks.

Fire safety, food safety, accidents – everything.

Build your own operational Process

Your venue, your processes, no compromises.

Use the Management Diary to build your operational blueprint and ensure the essential things in your business always get done.

Join hundreds of indie businesses like yours who are using Pilla to run a simpler, smarter business.

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About the Document Platform

More than just a collection of templates, the Document Platform allows you to access and create over 100 different documents written specifically for hospitality businesses like yours.

  • Tailored for you

    Our smart drafting tool helps you produce bespoke contracts, letters, policies and procedures based on your individual circumstances. Answer a few simple questions and Pilla will automatically populate the documents with the information you need.

  • Guidance as you go

    Unsure about the national minimum wage, how statutory sick pay works or whether your building is likely to contain asbestos? Pilla provides guidance on relevant topics as you fill in your documents so you know you’re doing the right things.

  • Always up to date

    Pilla will let you know when the law changes and your documents need updating. Email alerts will tell you exactly which document needs to be updated and why.

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About the management diary

A custom-built ‘bible’ covering all of your compliance and key operational tasks. The Pilla Management Diary makes it simple to run your business in accordance with EHO guidelines and ensures that every member of your team knows exactly what needs to be done.

  • A single system

    Pilla brings all of your other diaries, checklists and logbooks into one place. There’s no need for a separate visitor book, fire safety logbook, accident book or training records – there’s a place for all of it in your Management Diary.

  • Built by us

    You haven’t got time to create systems, so we do it for you. Your Diary is custom built to match the exact requirements of your venue. That means your processes and your ways of working, all built by us.

  • Easily updated by you

    Your business changes from time to time so you need a quick, simple way of updating your system. Using the QR code inside your Diary, your management team will edit the contents of your custom sections at the click of a button – simple.

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Case Study


“Pilla is a great tool for our business because it standardised our operation across our three sites. It means that when staff move from one site to another, they understand what needs to be done each day. All staff find it really easy to use and it saves our Management Team a lot of time.”
Ali (Ops Manager)

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