Indie hospitality operators save at least 10 hours per week by automating back of house activities with Pilla.

Reclaim your time and repurpose it on your business and yourself.

About the App

Let’s face it, every indie hospitality operator faces the same battle – time. The Pilla platform helps operators like you, run an organised, efficient and compliant business in far less time.

  • Organise information and documents

    Store everything from training records, property inventories, disco shift contacts, maintenance records and more. Say goodbye to your unorganised desktop, say hello to a streamlined filing system.

  • Operate with proper paperwork and checks

    Build policies, contracts and risk assessments in just a few clicks using our document builder. Create and carry out your own digital checklists easily.

  • Optimise your time and resources

    Assign tasks for colleagues, set reminders for future actions and get automated emails when renewals are coming up so you that you can forget the admin and focus on your customers.


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Pilla has been built with simplicity in mind so that all of your team can hit the ground running. Pilla includes the features that your hospitality operation needs so you won’t find any over-complicated, unnecessary features built for other industries.


Cash flow is king for a business like yours, that’s why our simple pricing structure means that you’ll only pay for the features that you need to use. If you don’t need automated emails and task reminders, no problem, choose the plan to suit you.


Your subscription is charged per site, so that’s absolutely no limit on use for each of your users. Sign everyone up, store as many files as you need, create as many documents as you need, knock yourself out, there’s no extra charge.


If you’re using the document builder to create your policies, contracts and other documents, you can rest assured that you will always have access to the most up to date and compliant versions – when the law changes, so do our documents.

Reclaim and Rupurpose

Read our manifesto and why we’re passionate about helping you reclaim your time back so you can repurpose it wisely.